Privacy Policy

Personal information will be handled in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies and Rules and Regulations for the Proper Management of Personal Information held by the University of Tokyo.

  1. Personal information obtained through the application process, including the applicant’s name and address, will be used for: 1) Selection of applicants (application processing, selection); 2) Announcement of successful applicants; and 3) Admission procedures.
  2. The examination results used in the selection of entrants may be used in future studies to improve both the entrance examination and education at the University of Tokyo.
  3. Personal information from successful applicants will be used for: 1) Administrative purposes (school registration, core studies, etc.); 2) Student support (health management, employment support, applications for scholarships and exemptions from tuition fees, use of libraries, etc.); and 3) Operations related to the collection of tuition fees.
  4. In performing each of the aforementioned tasks, some duties will be carried out by this institution or the systems company entrusted with managing T-cens (hereafter referred to as “systems company”). The systems company may, where necessary, be provided with all or part of the personal information acquired to complete these duties.
This is a translation from the Japanese original. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese original and the English translation,
the Japanese version shall prevail.


  1. 出願に当たって知り得た氏名、住所その他の個人情報については、1)入学者選抜(出願処理、選抜実施)、2)合格発表、3)入学手続き業務を行うために利用する。
  2. 入学者選抜に用いた審査情報は、今後の入学者選抜方法の検討資料の作成のために利用する。
  3. 出願に当たって知り得た個人情報は、入学者のみ1)教務関係(学籍、就学指導等)、2)学生支援関係(健康管理、就職支援、授業料免除・奨学金申請等)、3)授業料徴収に関する業務を行うために利用する。
  4. 上記の各種業務での利用に当たっては、一部の業務を本学及び本学が委託したT-cens担当システム会社(以下「システム会社」という。)において行うことがある。