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Plan how you intend to finance your studies at the University of Tokyo.

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1.Financial aid applications available PRIOR TO arrival in Japan

1-2. External Sponsorships that students can directly apply for

    The Graduate School of Engineering encourages students to apply for any applicable scholarships to facilitate academic life at the University of Tokyo.
    Please note the following important points when you apply for external scholarships.

    • Securing a scholarship can be a lengthy process. Applicants are encouraged to seek alternative potential financial resources well in advance of arrival in Japan.
    • You must realize how difficult it is to synchronize the first period of scholarship awards and the enrolment period.
    • Application and/or registration for a scholarship do not guarantee that you will successfully receive any funding in the future.
    • Along with the application for a scholarship, you must apply to the Graduate School of Engineering through T-cens at the same time, otherwise your application is incomplete and you will not be considered for entry.
    • Be mindful of each course's T-cens application deadline.

  • [Applying]: If you have any external scholarship applications;
    • Write sources of funding and funding status (intend to apply, have applied, etc.) under the Finance page.
    • Keep updating your scholarship application status through T-cens.
    • In this way, your ICT Admissions Desk can easily assess your external scholarship application status through T-cens.
  • [Firmly Confirmed]: If you already have proof of sufficient financial support from an external scholarship foundation;
    • Upload a letter from the foundation addressed to the scholarship recipient onto T-cens.
    • Upload detailed information about the scholarship, such as terms and conditions, full scholarship or partial scholarship, the website of your confirmed scholarship, etc. For example, you can type in the website URL on a paper (word file) and upload it on T-cens as file_1.docx.
    • Then you should also separately advise your ICT Admissions Desk by email immediately after submitting this information online.

  • A Letter of Acceptance (LoA)
    • A Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the Graduate School of Engineering is only officially issued after you secure admission to the department/program you are applying for.

    • If this T-cens application procedure does not match your scholarship application procedures, you may need to take the entrance examination for the Graduate School of Engineering. After securing admission through the entrance examination, a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the Graduate School of Engineering will be officially issued as well. General Admission

    Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Please use the search engine at the JICA home page and check scholarships provided by JICA other than the above-mentioned scholarships.
  • IITH-Japan FRIENDSHIP Scholarship 2 Applicable to IIT-Hyderabad students only.
    Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) Applicable to Indonesian nationals only.
    Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association scholarship Applicable to Taiwanese nationals only.
    External scholarship applicants can directly apply for Private Organizations' Scholarships
    Scholarships to Study in Japan for Overseas Applicants

    There are some public institutions and other scholarship bodies to which international students can apply BEFORE ARRIVING IN JAPAN.
    The websites may help applicants to research scholarships. For details, please directly contact the scholarship organizations concerned.

    Scholarships sponsored by your home country, your university, or any other scholarship foundations

    There are some public institutions and other scholarship bodies to which international students can apply BEFORE ARRIVING IN JAPAN. External scholarships sponsored by an applicant's home country, university, and various scholarship foundations may also be available.

    Candidates who pass the academic merit-based selection but have not been offered one of the above-mentioned scholarships can still apply for other financial support.
    The Graduate School of Engineering recommends several qualified candidates to scholarship foundations on a merit basis.

    Those who are selected will be notified during the course of the selection process and/or in the application stages of enrolment.

    External scholarships recommended through the Graduate School of Engineering

    This registration system includes private scholarships which require a recommendation from the university and the UT foundation scholarship (Tokyo Daigaku Shien Kikin).
    The International Affairs division of UTokyo will make selections in advance for scholarships that require university recommendations ("UR" on the list). Students in the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology that have applied for private scholarships will undergo document screening and selection. Following this, each department will make their recommendations. Thus, students are not able to choose which university-recommended scholarships to apply for.
    Private Scholarship Application System at the School of Engineering Private Organizations' Scholarships

    Reservation Program for Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students (学習奨励費)
    (for 6 months)

2.Self-Support/Family Support

    Each course has its own policy. Please confirm it through its own website.

    Applicants who pass the primary (merit-based) selection but have not been offered any scholarships can still be accepted to the University as self-financed students (self-supporting and/or family supported).

    * Any loans or grants can be included under self-support.
    ** Living expenses for international students residing in Japan in the past have averaged JPY136,000 per month (for individual students). Accordingly, we recommend that students have at least JPY100,000 to JPY150,000 per month for living expenses.
  1. If you have any financial support from yourself or your family members;
    • Please fill in your plan on T-cens.
    • You do not need to upload any documents at the time of academic application.
  2. If you pass the primary (merit-based) selection but have not been offered any scholarships;
    • You can still enrol at the University of Tokyo as a self-financed student. (Note that each course has its own policy. Please confirm their conditions through their own website.)
  3. To be eligible, you must demonstrate sufficient financial support for your study at the University of Tokyo WHEN REQUIRED by ICT Admissions Desk. For example, you need to prove that the amounts declared on the document for the visa application are available for your use.

3.MEXT Embassy Recommendation

Opportunities for Japanese government scholarships (MEXT; Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) are available via application at the Japanese embassy in the applicant’s home country. Each department at the Graduate School of Engineering has a different policy regarding MEXT Embassy scholarships. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm the policy with the relevant department.

  • If you HAVE BEEN GRANTED a MEXT [Embassy] scholarship, you must submit a certificate verifying your preliminary selection from the embassy. http://ois.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/admission/embassy_R_eng.html

  • If you INTEND to apply for a MEXT [Embassy] scholarship, you need to contact the Japanese embassy in your own home country for further consultations.

4.China Scholarship Council(国家建设高水平公派研究生项目)

If you are interested in applying through the China Scholarship Council, refer to the following webpage.