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1. How to Find Answers to my Enquiries?

  1. Use the search system of thie Guidance Information located at the top right of this Guidance Information.
  2. Use your browser's search function such as [ctrl]+[F] in order to search a certain word on the one specific page.
  3. Check the FAQs page FIRST. You may be able to find the answer to your enquiries here. We try to update this FAQs page to provide better solutions to many applicants.
  4. If you still have difficulties to find your answers, please contact your ICT Admissions Desk by following the Contact procedures.T-cens Application Number < Contact: International Coordination Team (ICT)

2. Enquiries which are already answered in this Guidance Information will not be responded to.

    Read this Guidance Information carefully and thoroughly. Check the FAQs page FIRST, and use the search engine in the top right hand side. You may be able to find the answer to your enquiries here. As a result, you may be able to find the answer you need by yourself more easily and quickly than if waiting for our reply by email.

3. Enquiries as to whether scores from external testing centers have arrived at the University of Tokyo will not be responded to.

    For courses requiring submission of a score from an external testing center, please carefully consider the following:
      Scores from external test centers which arrive after the submission deadline will not be accepted. Please check the testing dates carefully, and plan to take the relevant examinations well in advance of the deadline.

4. T-cens Enquiry Form

Contact us

    For any enquiries after registering in T-cens, please contact us by clicking on the Contact us button at the top right. Your T-cens application number is automatically printed out if you use this enquiry form.

5. When you send an email enquiry, please send ONE email to the relevant ICT Admissions Desk or the ICT Support Desk.

    If you send several emails to different offices at once, all offices that receive your emails will transfer your emails to the office in charge. Consequently, your ICT Admissions Desk needs to read the same email repeatedly, which causes a delay in replying to your emails.

    Please allow ample time when making enquiries.
    Please note the University of Tokyo's offices are closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and some national holidays. You can check each ICT Admissions Desk's office hours from the following URL.

    Contact: International Coordination Team (ICT) National Holidays in Japan

6. Allow Ample Time When Making Enquiries

    Even though all ICT staff members work hard to support your application, it is impossible to answer e-mails immediately upon receipt, because they have to work with many students - each with different application conditions. Please allow ample time when you send e-mail to your designated contact on the ICT staff, and expect to wait at most three days before you receive a reply.

7. Your T-cens Application Number is Very Important.

    The T-cens application number is located under your photograph on the left side of your T-cens home page. For example, the T-cens application number of this sample case is ISPNPRE16F0000001.

    1). Email

    Please always preface your subject line with [Univ. of Tokyo_Your Application No.].

      We have many applicants, so it is impossible for us to identify you by name only. If you are already in the process of applying online, follow the simple instruction below whenever you send email to us.

      For example, if your T-cens application number is SPNPRE1415F0000001 and your mail concerns "Bank Statements", please write on the subject line: [Univ. of Tokyo_SPNPRE1415F0000001] Bank Statement

        SPNPRE1415F =the course code you are applying for

    2). Postal Mail

    On regular postal mail, please write your T-cens application number clearly on the envelope.

      For regular postal mail, please write your application number clearly on the envelope in addition to your name and return postal address. Inclusion of a return address is recommended to minimise the risk of non-delivery.