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東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 School of Engineering The University of Tokyo

Individual Screening of Application Eligibility

This individual screening is to determine application eligibility only.
This screering is not compulsory but available upon request to those who have any doubts on their eligibility requirements.You will not receive a final result decision at this point.

Important Notes

  • Stay in the Application page and continue your online application even if requesting this individual screening.
      Do NOT click the "Submit" button on the Submit page at T-cens at this stage, otherwise you cannot continue with your online application.
  • Please allow ample time, and expect to wait at most one month.
    • You will receive a results notice from your ICT Admissions Desk.
    • There is a possibility that your ICT Admissions Desk will ask you to send all necessary documents by post.


    1. Create your T-cens account.
    2. Send an email to your ICT Admissions Desk to request Individual Screening of Application Eligibility during the period specified by each program/course.
      • State your T-cens application number.
      • Mention clearly about your doubts on your eligibility requirements (e.g. has a shorter academic record than the required number of years in education).
      • The subject line should be; Request for Individual Screening of Application Eligibility.
    3. Go to the APPLY page (T-cens), and upload the documents below on T-cens.
    Action Required
    1. Web form pages under the APPLY page
    • Fill out the fields indicated with asterisks (*) on Forms 1, 2, 4, and 6. Asterisks are indicated in the columns on the left-hand side of each page.
    • You do not need to send this document by post.
    Web forms
    2. AFEB.pdf
    • Go to the Curriculum Vitae page and work on it. Curriculum Vitae page
    • Prepare your T-cens Enquiries on Educational and Occupational Background (hereafter known as AF4_AFEB.pdf form (AFEB-1, AFEB-2, AFEB-3), and upload it on T-cens as AF4_AFEB.pdf.
    Upload to
    3. Supporting documents on your educational background

    → Review your AF4_AFEB.pdf (AFEB-1 and AFEB-2), and prepare the following documents (if applicable).

    An official letter issued by your institution
    • If the total number of academic years you spent at schools attended is
      • 1) Less than the required minimum in Japan

        At least 16 years of education are required in Japan to proceed to a Master's degree and 18 years for a Doctoral degree.

        2) Fewer/longer than the total number of years officially required for graduation in your country

        3) Both 1) and 2) above apply:
      -> Provide an official letter issued by your institution explaining the reasons behind your situation, such as taking leave of absence, accelerated promotion, skipping years, early entry to university, and so on.
      -> Send these documents as attachments (PDF) by email.
    by email

    Your own explanatory letter


    • If you have had any issues other than mentioned above:
      -> Submit your own explanation. Provide any supporting documents available to explain your situation as well.
      -> Send these documents as attachments (PDF) by email.
    by email
    4. Academic Transcript (Undergraduate and/or Graduate level, if applicable)
    Upload to
    5. Your photo
      Upload your photo on T-cens. Please refer to Application Process for requirements on photograph. Application Procedures
    Upload to