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The GRE Tests

GRE Test Scores

Each Course has it own policy on GRE test scores.

  • Please confirm each course's policy on GRE test scores through the Course Summary.
  • You should ensure you have ample time to prepare your GRE test scores.
  • We do not require GMAT test scores for applicants since September 2017. (From September 2017, the Dept. of TMI does not require GMAT scores.)

  • General policy at the Graduate School of Engineering

    1. Institutional code for GRE

  • The institutional code for GRE is 8596.

  • 2. Test Score Validity

    The validity period for scores from an external testing office center is as follow.
    At the date for document submission of each course, scores must be within the period of validity.
    GRE: 5 years

    3. Minimum Scores for GRE

    We undertake a comprehensive assessment of all materials submitted with your application documents.

      Q1. I am planning to take another GRE test. Can I send the new one after the deadline?

      A1. You should fill in your present GRE test scores which you have and arrange sending it from ETS. If you will take another test, you can send its ETS scores sheet to us. Your ICT Admissions Desk will hand both ETS score sheets to the course's faculty members for consideration, ONLY IF your another score will reach us BEFORE the GRE submission deadline.
      ICT Admissions Desk

    4. GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests

    Please submit the GRE General Test. In addition, some departments strongly recommend GRE Subject test as follows;.

    For applicants for G30-TMI only:
    The G30-TMI strongly recommend that all candidates submit their "GRE Subject Test: Mathematics" scores.
    G30-TMI: Applicants are required to submit GRE-General test scores as well.

    About the GRE® General Test
    About the GRE® Subjects Tests

    5. Delayed GRE Test Score Submission

    General Instructions:

  • If the test score is not available when filling in the T-cens application form, please fill in the exact date when you will take the examination in the Test Score space at Form 3 under the APPLY page on T-cens.
    • Applicants for;
      Additional comments on delayed submission

      To thoroughly and fairly assess your application, it is essential for us to receive all relevant scores (GRE) before the deadline. Please check the test schedule well in advance and prepare for it.

      IME Graduate Program Refer to the following website for detailed information. Prospectus for IME Graduate program .
      All courses except those mentioned above Confirm each course's policy on English Language test scores through Application Guideline for each program. Application Guidelines for each program