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東京大学 大学院工学系研究科 School of Engineering The University of Tokyo

Fill in the form and submit it through T-cens.

Click the icon at the bottom of this page, and view the T-cens Enquiries on Educational and Occupational Background.
The chart below provides instructions to better understand how to fill in the form.

    1. There are a few spaces provided. You may add extra forms by clicking the Add Form button.
    2. There are two (2) sections; Educational records and Employment records.
    3. Fill in the information about schools you attended starting from elementary school through to undergraduate or graduate school.
    4. If you attended multiple schools at the same level of education due to moving house, reapplying for university, receiving a second degree, or attending an exchange program, etc., write each school's information in a separate space.
      • If such experience is required to make up your official academic years, indicate their educational level, such as Undergraduate Level.
      • If such experience is NOT required to make up your official academic years, classify these records under the Other level, which is not included in the calculation.
    5. Fill in the information about your work experience starting from your most recent job.
Item Name
Education level
  • Exclude kindergarten and nursery school education.
  • Preparatory education for university admission is included as secondary education.
  • University Entrance Qualification Examinations (e.g. GED) are classified under the Other level.
  • Name of school
  • Fill in the names and addresses (City or Town, State or Province, Country) of schools you attended.

  • (e.g. Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan)
    Address of school
    Entry (from)
  • Type in Year and Month of both Entry and Completion.  
  • Your total schooling in year units is automatically calculated and indicated in the PDF that is generated.
  • Completion (to)

    Total number
    of years officially required for
    in terms of
    year units
    (enter numerically)

  • If you received your entire education for the same educational level at the same school/institute, write the total number of years officially required for graduation in terms of year units (enter numerically).
      e.g. If you studied at the same elementary school in Tokyo, Japan, from entry to graduation, then your answer for elementary school level is 6 years.
  • or

  • If you attended multiple schools at the same educational level for any reason, write the number of years of actual study in each school (enter numerically).
      e.g. Suppose you were enrolled at one elementary school in Tokyo, Japan, for three years (attended as a first and second grader, but then took one year's sick leave. In this case, your answer for the school in Tokyo is 3 years. Provide the reason (i.e. sick leave for one year) to explain why you spent longer enrolled at that school in the space below.
  • Diploma or
    Degree awarded,
    Major subject,
    Date of Degree Conferment
  • Provide the degree/diploma which was/is expected to be conferred on you, your major subject, and the date that your degree/diploma was/is expected to be conferred.
    • e.g. Master of Engineering, Bioengineering, 2016/09
    Provide reasons
    for having
    less/more years
    in academic schooling
    than the total number of years
    officially required
    for graduation.
    (within 50 words)
  • Write such details as reasons and/or dates, period, if the following situations apply.
    • The applicant's personal circumstances, such as taking leave of absence, accelerated promotion, skipping years, early entry to university, etc.

      e.g. Graduated high school in two years instead of three years.
    Fill in your employment records starting from the most recent one.
  • Write your work experience as internship, full-time, and/or part-time, if applicable.
  • If you have no work experience, you just skip this part.
  • Click the exportPDF button anywhere on the form.

    • A PDF file (AFEB.pdf) is automatically generated.
    • Download this PDF to your computer.

    This web form (T-cens Enquiries on Educational and Occupational Background) is not automatically saved online.

    • If you want to revise any output data while reviewing the PDF (AFEB-1 and AFEB-2), DO NOT close the browser window, otherwise you will need to type all the information in once again from the beginning.  Instead, go back to T-cens Enquiries on Educational and Occupational Background and revise the data. 
    • If your computer automatically shuts down while you are momentarily absent from your computer during this process, all entries may be deleted and you may have to fill in the form again from the very beginning.

    Review this PDF format (AFEB.pdf) and make any corrections as necessary before closing the web page.

    AFEB.pdf AFEB-1: Educational Records
  • Your total schooling in year units is automatically calculated. 
  • As per the School of Engineering's regulations, the number of academic years spent at schools attended in terms of year units are calculated based on the following formula:
    • 0 - 4 months = 0 years
      5 - 6 months = 0.5 year
      7 - 11 months = 1 year

    Periods and/or reasons for your shorter academic schooling years
  • The list of periods and/or reasons on your academic background is automatically typed out.
  • AFEB-3:
    Employment Records
  • Your total employment records are automatically calculated. 
  • Go to T-cens.

    Write your answer in Form 4 at the APPLY page in T-cens.


    Go to the File Upload page at T-cens and upload this PDF file as AF4_AFEB.pdf.